Media Gallery


Sorpresa de cumpleaños: For my birthday the students had organised a series of unbelievable surprises unbeknownst…. No class that evening!


The whole class at the beginning of the school year with the MBA students


 La clase desde la puerta  Los estudiantes

Outside class: parties


 Last supper with PU students (7)  Anniversaire 2011 avec Stella
 My farewell dinnerGatha, Stella, Karthik, Nina, Abhishek, myself, Rishu, Gunjan, Vaishnavy, Jegajevan, Sameera, Kundan, Supraja, Deepanjelie, Prabhu  My Birthday partySupraja, Nina, Gatha, Samira, Vaishnavi, Stella, Kundan, myself, Jegajeevan, Abhishek, Gunjan, Rishu and Rahul


And this is what our University looks like: take a look at this video and listen to our Anthem ( lyrics J.A.K. Tareen)



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