First and foremost my gratitude goes to our visionary  Vice-Chancellor of Pondicherry University, Professor J. A. K Tareen, who without even knowing me granted me his confidence and believed in my work.

I thank my mother, who taught me how to learn my lessons, and whose dedication as a teacher is an example I try to follow.

This book exists thanks to and because of my wonderful students who in spite of their many hours of class, followed the lessons with enthousiasm, always bringing their energy, their smiles and laughters and good humour, and giving me the best of their hearts and souls: Vaishnavi, Supradja, Sameera, Gatha, Nina, Stella, Rishu, Prabhuteja, Kundan,  Abishek, Raúl, Rosario,  Kartik and Jegajeevan.  I thank the students who wanted to learn Spanish but who were so busy with their studies that they were forced to sacrifise their wish of learning to their main studies or occupation.

I deeply thank my sister Yasmine whose work and courage is always an inspirational model for me.

Thoughout my life I have been blessed with the most dedicated teachers: they have given birth to my passion for teaching: Madame Jopeck, Bernard Michaud, Jean-Michel Pasquet, Philippe Gimié, Madame Amiel,  Madame Nijole Teiberiene, Michel Chicouène, Jean-Louis and Annick Bohoreau. I particularily thank Mrs Elisabeth Sethupathy, University of Oriental Languages, Paris-INALCO for her patience, her dedication, her souplness and reactivity while she was teaching me Tamil.

I thank all the students who have inspired me to write this book and in particular the above mentioned as well as the students of Lycée Français de Pondichéry.

I thank Mil for designing the cover of this book: you understood exactly what I wanted!


Dedico este libro para aprender el Castellano a mi Abuelita y a sus tres hijas, Mami,  Juani y Tere, quienes me enseñaron con mucho cariño y paciencia lo que aquí transmito



14 responses to “Acknowlegdments

  1. Every good work before it starts,finds an excuse to start. I was only an excuse for Eva to bring out her talent of teaching and writing. I was impressed with her enthusiasm to teach my students at Pondicherry University, I was sure that this could be translated into an excellent documentation and form a learning book for language students. I am conscious of the fact that no one is perfect,but a journey of 1000 mile starts with a first step. Eva will continue to perfect her skills and continue to produce books in Spanish and French teaching too and May be book I,II,III,VI etc and one day they will be the most sought after books for language learners. Eva has her style and she does not copy others. Finding their own path is always difficult but that is what makes them different. I wish her success
    Prof J A K Tareen
    Vice Chancellor,B S Abdur Rahman University of Science and Technology,Chennai
    Former Vice Chancellor of Pondicherry University and Kashmir University

    • Eva

      Professor Tareen, thank you for your message and kindness. Every work starts first of all witht an “idea”, whether the work is good or bad.You were that “idea” and also the opportunity because you hired me! Have a great professional activity at Abdur Rahman University of Science and Technology, although I know, Pondicherry University must be missing you dearly!

  2. jegajeevan

    Great to see Mr.Tareen’s acknowledgement….

  3. Vaishnavi V

    I personally thank Professor J.A.K.Tareen for giving us such a great opportunity to learn Foreign Languages and Eva too for coming all the way from Spain and teaching us Spanish in an enthusiastic way. I can never forget those classes in my life.
    I used to spend my whole day in that L.H.C. I never got bored in Spanish Class, rather I used to enjoy staying there.
    I wish Eva comes back again and takes classes. I wish to do the next level of Spanish.
    Hope she comes back again.

  4. Gatha

    Eva has her own unique way of teaching. One of the best parts about her teaching is that she’ll make you do all the learning and class work within the class time itself. Classes were made so interactive and interesting that we never felt the need to look at our watches. With her deep passion and commitment for teaching, she kept us motivated throughout. Overall it was a wonderful learning experience!

  5. Prabhu Teja

    Eva! I always tell u we Indians have to learn much from you ‘How to teach and How to fight for right’. Your professionalism attracts me much. Teaching is not a money making thing and is not a job as well. You are passionate about teaching and You deserve to hold the Title ‘Teacher’. Out of my 20 + years of education, this 1 year of Spanish learning under you is completely different and special. Now we witness your hunger to do more n more. Hats off!!!

  6. Eva

    Dear students, I am touched and moved by your comments. i have always felt the blessing it was to have you as my students, and I have always given credit for it to Professor Tareen,: creating the add on courses for languages was his idea, and he hired me: that was also his idea and initiative!

  7. Eva,You are too generous. Why don’t you accept that you have spark to be the greatest language teacher in times to come and will one day be acknowledged as an innovator in Language teaching.

    • eva is one of the best teachers i ever came across.she’s more of a mentor than a teacher to me.i really got to learn so many things from her apart from spanish too.she’s a very creative person and there hasn’t been any day when we cursed her for her teaching unlike we do it with the others.people here need to learn the dedication she had towards imparting knowledge.

    • Eva

      Ok Professor, let me be too generous! please let me!

  8. Hi Eva
    For some unknown reason I loved Spanish and learning Spanish was one of my long time wishes.
    Thank you for teaching me spanish

  9. Sameera

    Es muy difícil creer que nos hayas enseñado tanto en sólo un año. La cantidad y la calidad de tu enseñanza eran fenomenales. Ninguno de los otros profesores que he tenido pudo cautivar a los alumnos como tú, o pudo enseñar tanto u tan bien. Los que te conocen estarán de acuerdo con Prof. Tareen, quien reconoce el ‘spark’ que posees. Pero este ‘spark’ no se limita a enseñar lenguas sino se extiende a algo mucho más grande. Total que esperábamos tener lecciones de un idioma y tuvimos unas extras de vida. Si fuera dueña de FC Barcelona, mostraría un mosaico en Camp Nou como hicieron para su ex entrenador diciendo – Gracias, Eva.

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