Welcome to the “Spanish Here and Now” course


this is a Spanish course that was entirely created while I was working at Pondicherry University, in South India. It was meant for my evening class students who attended my classes every evening from 5 to 7 PM after a long day of studies.

Initially I prepared the lessons and then experimented them on the students, making corrections and readjustments until I obtained the result which can be found here.

Thereforethe story’s setting is Pondicherry itself, and there are references to the local language: tamil.


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Hoping you have an enjoyable experience


This website is dedicated to my beloved students: Abhishek, Kundan, Karthik, Gatha, Vaishnavi, Neena, Stella, Sameera, Supraja, Jega Jevan, Prabhu, Rahul, Rishu, Rosario, Tomas, as well as the MBA students who due to their heavy timetable were only able to attend one month of classes – much to everyone’s sorrow!


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